B<Tidalwater> - Tidal water information


Tidalwater - Tidal water information


Returns data about waterlevel for a given harbor. Waterlevel have two components: tidal forces and the influence of weather. Tidal forces is the basis for calculating waterlevel. Forecast of weather conditions for the specified harbor is then used to adjust this basis. Waterlevels based on tidal forces are available for the entire current year. Weather condition adjustments are generally available for the immediate three days.

Values are given as centimeters above seamap zero.


The /available - action is not implemented for Tidalwater.


Access to tidal data is restricted and is not freely available. This applies to both 'combined' and 'tidal'. Please refer to our general documentation regarding this topic.


The schema for the xml delivered by this product is available from http://aa004xmu0m4dtdqty.api.met.no/weatherapi/tidalwater/1.1/schema.


A request must specify content-type and the harbour of interest. Content-type can be either text/plain or text/xml.

Required parameters for a specified content_type: text/xml: Requires content_type, datatype, harbour.

text/plain: Requires content_type, harbour and datatype.

harbor (mandatory)

Specify the harbor of interest.

Available harbors:

andenes, bergen, bodø, hammerfest, harstad, heimsjø, helgeroa, honningsvåg, kabelvåg, kristiansund, måløy, narvik, ny-ålesund, ålesund, oscarsborg, oslo, rørvik, stavanger, tregde, tromsø, trondheim, vardø, viker

content_type (mandatory)

Specify content type for the returned data.

Valid values is text/plain

datatype (mandatory)

Specify type of data, valid values are weathercorrection.

Example requests



1.1 2013-01-28

- weather correction data is changed
- old product like tidal is removed

1.1 2008-02-25

- New version 1.1 available
- Changed name of parameter: type => datatype.
- Parameter datatype is now mandatory.
- Access to tidal data has been restricted.
- Old version, 1.0, expires 1.april 2008.
 B<Tidalwater> - Tidal water information