B<Radar> - Radar images from various locations


Radar - Radar images from various locations


Returns image or animation for a specified radarsite. The image/animation can originate from one specific radar or a composite of two or more radars. Either latest available image or image at a requested time. Only one animation pr. radarsite (most recent) is available. Note that a specific radarsite may sometimes become unavailable. This is usually due to technical problems at the radarsite, caused by lightning/difficult weather conditions.


A list of available data may be retrieved using the 'available' action, using the url 'http://aa004xmu0m4dtdqty.api.met.no/weatherapi/radar/1.5/available'. The radarsite, type, size and content parameters can be specified to reduce the size of the list.


The nordic radar composite is restricted, and is not freely available. Please refer to our general documentation regarding this topic.


Please note that there are many combinations of parameter values for which we have no data, so refer to 'http://aa004xmu0m4dtdqty.api.met.no/weatherapi/radar/1.5/available' for an updated list of available data.

radarsite (mandatory)

Area covered by the image/animation (composite) or name of the radar location( single radar ).

Values: finnmark,troms_finnmark, nordland_troms, nordland, trlagnordland, central_norway, western_norway, southwest_norway, southeast_norway, east_norway, south_norway, norway, nordic, boemlo, avinoreast, avinorwest, andoya, berlevaag, bomlo, hasvik, hagebostad, hurum, rissa, rost, stad, somna, mobileradar.

avinoreast and avinorwest are only available for the type reflectivity_tma, boemlo is available for the type rainrate_with_phase_tma and reflectivity_hires. mobileradar is only available for type xband.

The single place images (andoya, berlevaag, bomlo, hasvik, hagebostad, hurum, rissa, rost, stad and somna) are available as reflectivity_hires and size normal.

size (mandatory)

Size of image. Note that size 'normal' means that the size of the image maps correctly to grid of the data source ( one pixel for one data point ).

Sizes small, medium, large and normal are available for only some radar types. See 'http://aa004xmu0m4dtdqty.api.met.no/weatherapi/radar/1.5/available'

Values: small, large and normal

type (mandatory)

Type of radar information. Note that 'tma' is short for (Terminal control area).

Values: reflectivity, reflectivity_tma, rainrate_with_phase, rainrate_with_phase_tma, reflectivity_hires, lightning, xband, accumulated_1h, accumulated_3h, accumulated_6h, accumulated_12h, accumulated_24h

content (mandatory)

Type of data to be returned: Animation of the 8 most recent images (time parameter not supported for this type), or one specific image.

Animation is only available for the types reflectivity, lightning and xband.

Values: image (default), animation.

time (optional)

The time the radarimage was captured. If omitted, the latest available image will be returned. This parameter can not be specified if value of parameter 'type' is set to 'animation'.

Value format: yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ssZ.

Example requests:



2016-10-31: update of v1.5

new area east_norway including the new radar Hafjell

2016-10-03: update of v1.5

radar helsfyr is removed

Version 1.4 will expire on 2016-02-15

version 1.5: new size medium which are fixed to 460px. For types lightning and reflectivity the images that were delivered as size normal are moved to size medium and new images are available as size normal (unscaled).

Version 1.4 will expire on 2016-02-15

2015-09-09: update of v1.4

version 1.4: new radar type lightning available for norway, new site helsfyr available for type xband

2015-03-17: update of v1.4

version 1.4: new radar sites 'nordland' and 'trlagnordland' added (radar location: S&oslash;mna).

2013-11-12: new version 1.4

version 1.4: parameter width has been replaced with size. Width and size of an image or animation may vary in width and height, even within the same size value.
version 1.4: Several new radar types. See documentation above.
version 1.3: expires at 2014-03-25.

2012-03-26: new version 1.3

version 1.3: parameter type has been changed. It will now signify type of radar information.
version 1.3: parameter content now has same function as parameter type in version 1.2.
version 1.2: expires at 2012-05-15.

2010-08-31: new composite image of norway.

New parameter to radarsite: norway.

2009-10-27: version 1.2

New parameteres to radarsite: central_norway and western_norway
Rissa is no longer a valid radarsite
Version 1.1 is available until 2010-02-16

2008-09-23: version 1.1

New radarsite: troms_finnmark.

version 1.1

Røst is no longer valid as radarsite. New radarsite is nordland_troms
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