B<Locationforecast> - Weather forecast for a specified place


Locationforecast - Weather forecast for a specified place


This modules implements a full forecast for one location, that is, a forecast with several parameters for a nine-day period.

The parameters are temperature, wind speed, wind direction, pressure, precipitation, cloudiness, fog, lowClouds, mediumClouds, highClouds and humidity.

Version 1.8:

This version will also have probability-elements for temperature, wind and symbol( norwegian locations only ). A probability element specifies certainty of prognoses for a given parameter for a given time. This certainty is defined by a probabilitycode in the following manner:

probabilitycode : certainty values.
  • 0 : [90% , 100%]
  • 1 : [50% , 90%>
  • 2 : [ 0% , 50%>
  • Note: Longterm forecast/EC-data for norwegian locations will have fewer parameters available than version 1.5.


    The availability and content of this product may change without further notice.



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    The schema for the xml delivered by this product is available from http://aa004xmu0m4dtdqty.api.met.no/weatherapi/locationforecast/1.9/schema.


    version 1.9 : 2014-05-20

    - New version 1.9. Old version, 1.8, will expire on 2014-09-09
    - new weather symbols are added for finer scale representation of the weather situation ($webroot/weathericon/1.1/documentation)
    - weather symbol ids changed to CamelCase
    - "celcius" unit name corrected to "celsius"

    phase out of version 1.5 : 2011-08-16

    - version 1.5 of locationforecast will expire at 2011-10-01. Note that log entry below stating that version 1.5 will be available until version 1.9 is released is no longer correct.

    version 1.8 : 2010-06-10

    - New attributes for the precipitation element: minvalue, maxvalue and probability. Note that these attributes will only be available for locations in a limited area in Europe.
    - 1.8 is meant as a transitional version, you may use 1.5 until we release version 1.9.
    - Version 1.7 will be available until 2010-10-01.

    version 1.7 : 2010-03-03

    - Precipitation and symbol values for the first time intervals have been missing in all earlier versions. This has now been corrected.
    - 1.7 is meant as a transitional version, you may use 1.5 until we release version 1.8.
    - Version 1.6 will be available until 2010-09-01.

    version 1.6 : 2009-01-15

    - 1.6 is meant as a transitional version, meaning that you may use 1.5 until we release version 1.8.
    - probability elements added.
    - fewer elements available for EC-data.

    version 1.5 : 2008-05-30

    - new element, humidity, added to location.
    - version 1.4 will expire 2008-11-01.


    - changes in <model> element: Added attribute termin, replaced attribute timespan with the attributes from and to.
    - version 1.3 will be available up to and including 2008-03-01.


    - New version, 1.3, available.
    - v1.3 includes element <meta>, with info about the forecast models.
    - v1.2 will be available up to and including 2007-11-15.


    - New version, 1.2, available.
    - Version 1.1 will be available up to and including 2007-10-02.
    - Added xml-elements: fog and low/middle/high - clouds.
    - Value of xml-element 'temperature' now originates from a different model-parameter.


    - Locationforecast has now limited access
    - Locationforecast is might return the XML as plain xml or zipped.


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     B<Locationforecast> - Weather forecast for a specified place