B<Geosatellite> - Images from geostationary satellites


Geosatellite - Images from geostationary satellites


Returns an image captured by a geostationary satellite. Image is returned for a specified area and specified time. If no time is given, the latest available image will be returned.


This product support the available list. Specify parameter 'area' to get a list limited to the area of interest. If this parameter is omitted, a list of all areas will be returned.


Only the area global is freely available, the others are restricted and are not freely available. Please refer to our general documentation.


area (mandatory)

Area covered by the satellite image.

Values: europe, africa, atlantic_ocean, mediterranean, global

type (optional)

Type of light captured in the image. If omitted, an image in infrared light will be returned. This parameter might not be supported for all areas.

Values: infrared,visible.

time (optional)

The time the image was captured. If parameter is omitted, the latest available image will be returned.

Values: yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:00Z (UTC).

size (optional)

Size of image. All images except global and atlantic_ocean have a thumbnail-size image (174x174px) in addition to the full size image. If parameter is omitted, normal is chosen.

Values: small, normal


Change log

2016-06-01: Extend lifetime of version 1.3

Lifetime of version 1.3 of geosatellite will be extended to 2016-08-23.

1.4 2016-02-02

New version, width and height are removed, replaced with size
areas america, gulf_of_mexico, spain and east_mediterranean are removed
Version 1.3 is available until 2016-06-06

1.3 2008-05-28

height and width as required parameters.
parameter size has been removed.
Version 1.2 will expire 2008-07-10.

1.2 2008-04-22

New version, 1.2, available
New geosatellite images.
Remove parameter satellite.
Added parameter area.
Version 1.1 will be available up to and including 2008-06-30.
 B<Geosatellite> - Images from geostationary satellites