B<ExtremesWWC> - The B<W>ettest, B<W>armest and B<C>oldest places


ExtremesWWC - The Wettest, Warmest and Coldest places


Returns the WWC-data for the two last periodes of time in Norway. WWC means Warmest, Wettest and Coldest.


The schema for the xml delivered by this product is available from http://aa004xmu0m4dtdqty.api.met.no/weatherapi/extremeswwc/1.2/schema.


No parameters is supported, it will always return the values for the last 24 hours, 6-18 and 18-6 UTC.

The XML contains the most wettest, warmest and coldest places in the given period, containing at least one station on high altitudes (mountain stations).

Example requests



2014-06-05: version 1.2

All stations will have climate number, but they might not have an WMO-number
Version 1.1 will expire on 2014-10-07

2010-11-29: version 1.1

New elements in the XML, highestTemperatures, lowestTemperatures, minimumPrecipitations, which defines lists of the values.
Version 1.0 will expire on 2011-06-10
 B<ExtremesWWC> - The B<W>ettest, B<W>armest and B<C>oldest places